The Witch

A Call to Stonebridge

  • Moonshine, Maelic, Simon, and Conrad meet as four mercenaries who have traveled to Stonebridge to answer a call for adventurers to help with a problem the town has been having.
  • They are commissioned along with another group to investigate reports of “demon elves” raiding the outlying farms of the town, coming from the nearby Windwood where local folklore reports there lives an evil, hideous witch.
  • The party sticks around to investigate in town, other group heads out of town to investigate the woods. Party intercepts one of the other group returning, chased by elven archers. They rescue the adventurer and capture one of the archers and get some information about the raiding; it is in fact the elves.
  • The party travels to the Windwood and are met with organized resistance, including towers, barricades, and elves working alongside undead creatures.
  • The party is met by a force of spell-casting undead outside a massive magically erected bone wall wrapped around the elven village. The party is beaten and captured and thrown into the catacombs beneath the village.
  • The party is woken by a young elf, Lethressa, who claims to be a student of the witch. She has nursed them back to health and promises to lead them out of the catacombs. They are accosted by ghouls and zombies formed from the fallen members of the other adventurer group, but they escape.
  • The party travels with Lethressa to the witch’s tower, where they find that the witch has been captured within a trap laid by her head apprentice, Nethrecil. Maelic is able to contact her magically. She asks the party to travel to an abandoned wizard’s tower a few days’ travel away to retrieve some components that she needs to break the spell. The party agrees to help.
  • Lethressa leads them out of the village through the catacombs. She agrees to check the exit (which only she knows about) daily, looking for signs of their return. The party sets off for the wizard’s tower.



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