The Witch

Crossing the Cerulean Bay

  • The party rests for a few days, then the witch contacts them for their first assignment.
  • The witch explains that she is thinking that her time as a recluse needs to end, and so she needs to start reaching out to the rest of the world.
  • In addition, she wants to start accumulating followers to help her do things. She explains that she is unable to leave the village, so she needs adventurers to help her. She is hesitant to send her elven apprentices and guards by themselves, since they are unfamiliar with the world outside.
  • She asks that the party do two things: accompany a small contingent of elves (including Lethressa) to Cerule to meet with the officials there to offer apologies for the undead scare and attacks, and to continue on to Sun City to track down a legendary thief named Brigger, rumoured to currently be in Sun City.
  • The party agrees and travels with the diplomatic contingent to Cerule.
  • Archibald checks up on his boat and looks for a carpenter that can help him with an idea he’s had (goaded on by Conrad’s false tales of the ancient Borosian land fleet), combining a boat and a wagon into a “land boat”.
  • The party meets with Cerulean officials along with the diplomats, and helps smooth things over.
  • The party enjoys a night or two in Cerule, and discuss their options to get to Sun City from there.
  • Crossing the Gorimar Plains is dangerous and will take a week or more. They hear that bandits and gnolls have been harassing travellers on the highway.
  • Crossing the Cerulean Bay is also dangerous, but much faster. There have been reports of ships disappearing as they cross, and so trade across the bay has slowed to a crawl.
  • The party decides to go with the faster route, finding a captain that will take them across. They find one captain, and Benedict haggles with him.
  • The ship sets out across the bay.
  • On the second day, the party’s ship is attacked by a pirate ship. The party leaps to the defence of the ship and engage in a battle across the two decks.
  • As the pirate captain, a big half-orc wielding a massive great axe, emerges from the lower cabin, a giant kraken attacks both ships, breaking them to pieces and dragging everyone under the sea.
  • The party wakes up in the courtyard of a strange castle. The castle appears to be on the bottom of the sea, with a magical bubble keeping the water out. Benedict examines the bubble thoroughly, ending up using the water to determine the volume of the inside of their magic chests, and taking with him a chest full of sea water.
  • The surviving members of the pirate crew ended up at the castle with them. Hurn, the captain, agrees to work with the party until they can escape. Along with her, there is Orryn, a gnomish wizard, Smelly, a minotaur warrior, and Gnash, a gnollish archer.
  • The group searches the castle thoroughly, splitting up to cover it more completely. They discover signs that something has been there recently, and proceed cautiously.
  • On the second floor, one of the groups encounters a party of sahuagin (which Benedict declares to be called sea-wagons, but he is unsuccessful in convincing them of this), which attacks them.
  • On the ground floor, the pirates are waylaid by another larger group. After dispatching the group upstairs, the party rushes to their aid and help to defeat the sahuagin. Their leader, a large four-armed sahuagin, surrenders his belongings in exchange for his life, and escapes.
  • Among his belongings the party find a ritual scroll for a teleport spell, and a drawing of what appears to be a teleportation circle. Further investigation of the castle reveals a teleportation circle on the top floor of one of the towers, with a different sequence than described on the paper.
  • After debating their options a bit further, the party decides that their only real option is to take a chance and teleport to wherever the sahuagin were headed. The pirates agree to go along with them.
  • They cast the teleportation and step through into a room crowded full of boxes, chests, wardrobes, and the like. The party is unable to discern their whereabouts so instead they begin to open the containers.
  • The containers are all manner of things, many of them magical. After an explosion, releasing a large cloud of bats, and other such things, a guard appears, throwing open a door and demanding to know who they are and why they are in this storage room in the Magical College of Sun City.



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