The Witch

Echoes of Madness

  • The teleportation spell goes slightly awry. Brigger, Marissa, Kashla, and the pirates arrive in the Witch’s tower without the party.
  • The party finds themselves trapped in a between world, where they are confronted by a faceless, nameless creature.
  • The creature taunts them, intimating that it is privy to their communications with the Witch (communications that are cut off in the between world).
  • The creature tells them that it would be willing to make its own deal with them, much as it had with the Witch, and that it will be in contact with them in the future.
  • The party is released, and finally finish their teleportation to the Witch’s tower. A few days have passed since the rest of the group arrived.
  • The Witch presses the party for details, and when they explain, she is aghast.
  • The party, in turn, presses her for information. She seems reticent to respond, but eventually explains fully.
  • The Witch, she explains, is technically a disciple of the Lords of Madness, the sanity-destroying creatures from the Far Realms that invaded the world and destroyed Boros a hundred and fifty years previous. She, herself, is directly responsible for at least part of the magic which brought them into the world.
  • She explains that during the Times of Madness, she came to realize and regret her mistakes, and hid herself away in the Windwood. She found the elves, practically wild, and taught them about building and civilization and magic.
  • Her magic is warlock magic, meaning that she entered a pact with the Lords of Madness in exchange for her power. She has since found loopholes in that contract which allow her to extract some magic from them without actively helping them in any way.
  • She confirms the party’s suspicions that they most likely met one or more of the Lords in the between world, and she expresses extreme discomfort that they are apparently privy to their thoughts. She cautions the party to be careful with the telepathic link.
  • Having completed her assignment in Sun City, she gives the party some time off, allowing them to rest and resupply, to see Amachey’s rebuilding efforts and how the pirates and Brigger, Marissa, and Kashla are fitting into their new life there.



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