The Witch

Helping Hands

  • [ The party gets word of some cult needing extra hands ]
  • [ Simon, Maelic, Kela, and Benedict talk their way in and discover that they are preparing corpses for zombie rituals ]
  • [ Archibald shows up ]
  • [ Cilantro busts in and they start to fight ]
  • [ They defeat them, and head downstairs, fight more zombies ]
  • [ They interrupt a ritual being led by a dwarf, he escapes ]
  • [ Archibald chases him, but the dwarf releases a wide area attack into a crowd and escapes ]
  • [ The party interrogates the prisoners that were caught breaking into the graveyard ]
  • [ They take one of the prisoners with them for further questions ]
  • [ An old man (Frist) pleads with them to take him as well, the guards release him because he’s mostly harmless, just crazy ]
  • [ The party questions Frist about the arsons that have been happening in town. ]
  • [ Frist admits to being a (former) cultist of Vecna. ]
  • [ Frist shows the party that he is missing a hand, and the wound is kept fresh but in stasis by a magic bracelet. ]
  • [ The party convinces him to let them try to remove it. ]
  • [ Working together, the party manages to remove it, and they properly heal his wrist (but without being able to replace the hand). ]
  • [ Frist tells the group about a small temple in the eastern quarter of the city, which the other prisoner corroborates is where they were supposed to deliver the bodies that they were asked to steal. ]
  • [ Frist also tells them that Dokus, one of the dwarven priests, is in league with the cults. ]
  • [ The party sets out to speak with Felis, the other dwarven priest, in the hopes that they will be able to get help against Dokus, his brother. ]
  • [ Felis is unwilling to believe that Dokus could be working with the cults, and is convinced that the party simply misunderstands the idea of the duality of their deity. Felis invites them to meet them both for dinner that evening. ]
  • [ The group agrees. ]



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