The Witch

Into the Dwarven City

  • Conrad, Moonshine, and Brigger are reassigned onto a different team and sent north on a scouting mission to find out if anything useful remains in the ruins within The Burn.
  • The rest of the party is summoned to the Witch. They are introduced to Kela, a bard that has come to Amachey following rumours of work for competent folk. The Witch asks Kela to accompany the party on their next assignment.
  • The Witch gives Kela a magical brooch that will allow them to stay in contact telepathically.
  • The Witch then introduces them to their next assignment. In her efforts to make diplomatic contacts with as many other peoples as possible, she has invited Cumin Spezerei, the head of the dwarven enclave in the city of Toreagn.
  • Toreagn was once a dwarven kingdom within the Windborn Peaks, but the kingdom fell during the Times of Madness and the dwarves have lived on the surface ever since, in what used to be a small trading outpost.
  • Cumin has asked, in exchange for alliance with Amachey (including monetary and military support as well as craftsmen and architects) that the Witch send one of her rumoured bands of adventurers into Toreagn to retrieve the lost crown of the Spezerei line.
  • Cumin also asks that the party take with them his son, Cilantro, who up until then has been a thorough disappointment, showing absolutely no interest in the path of the warrior and instead becoming a priest of Pelor, of all things. His hope is that travelling with a band of real adventurers will toughen him up.
  • The party agrees to the assignment.
  • After some discussion of how best to travel to Toreagn, Cilantro realizes (based on the party’s description) that Foss Wyadd, the monastery where he has been receiving his training as a cleric, has a teleportation circle in its courtyard.
  • Teleporting to Wyadd, while expensive, will cut weeks off their journey, and so after finishing their preparations, they teleport to Foss Wyadd.
  • The Witch sends with them a scroll of teleportation, in the event that they find themselves in need of a quick escape back to Amachey.
  • The party teleports to Foss Wyadd, where they stay briefly before leaving for Toreagn.
  • The party travels quickly up Taegwyn Valley, arriving at Toreagn without incident.
  • Cumin invites them to stay for a night before heading into the mountains. They do so, making sure that they have what supplies they’ll need.
  • Cumin, on behalf of Toreagn, sends two dwarf warriors with the party, Jame and Calth.
  • In the morning, the party sets out. On the way to the entrance to the kingdom, they discover signs that some sort of warband has passed through there recently.
  • The party proceeds cautiously, and finds the gate broken open. Entering, they surprise a small hobgoblin raiding party and defeat them handily.
  • The party continues on and enters the city of Toreagn. The city is full of activity.
  • While exploring, the party comes upon a group of deformed, monstrous humanoids. Kela identifies them as foulspawn.
  • Cilantro and Calth leap through a window while the rest of the party battles the foulspawn. Eventually the foulspawn are defeated.
  • Further exploration leads the party to a group of hobgoblins engaged in a skirmish with a force of foulspawn. The hobgoblins are greatly outnumbered and attempting to fall back, so the party leaps into the fray and helps them to escape.
  • The hobgoblins, impressed by the party’s skills, invites them to band together with them to return to their main camp.
  • The party goes along with the hobgoblins despite Cilantro’s protests.
  • The party is taken to a semi-fortified camp in the middle of the city, where the hobgoblin forces have made their stand. They are taken to meet with the heads of the hobgoblins.
  • The hobgoblins have a joint leadership between a number of officers and a group of black-robed priests, who make no secret of the fact that they worship Vecna.
  • The hobgoblin leader, Thondry, explains that they have been sent to attempt to retrieve the dwarven crown. If the party is willing to help them find it, they are grateful for the help.
  • Benedict convinces Thondry that the party is uninterested in taking the crown for themselves, and that the terms of their contract simple says they need to find the crown, not retrieve it. The party quietly makes plans to make off with the crown once the hobgoblins have helped them find it.
  • The party is assigned to be its own squad, and given orders to make for the Nobles’ Quarter along a particular route. No one knows exactly where the crown is, but their best guess is that it will be in that quarter.
  • Their squad is filled out with hobgoblins — a priest named Kruth, a great-weapon fighter named Morrik, an archer named Jasith, and a bugler named Norik.
  • Kela and Norik compare notes on music, and Kela begins to learn some of the hobgoblin bugle language.
  • The squad crosses the city, avoiding all but one altercation with a group of foulspawn.



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