The Witch

The Broken Tower

  • Maelic, Moonshine, Simon, and Conrad travel to Cerule, then follow the old highway east towards the site of the wizard’s tower. They arrive there without troubles on the road.
  • In the abandoned, ruined town under the tower, they meet a travelling paladin, Benedict, who has come to the town investigating reports of the activity of a cult of Vecna in the area.
  • Independently, Archibald, a psion has come from his island monastery to the mainland, intent on learning more about the mainland and tracking down the truth behind some reports of aberrant activity.
  • Benedict and Archibald join the party in their investigations.
  • Outside the tower, the party discovers a group of black-robed hobgoblins, preparing some sort of ritual. It appears to be something involving matter transference, but they don’t appear to be any particular threat so the party leaves them be.
  • The tower itself looks suspiciously like the witch’s tower from the elven village near Stonebridge.
  • Inside the entrance, they are attacked by some old homonculous guards. After defeating them, they explore the tower thoroughly and find nothing of any particular import. They do discover a trap door leading down into the earth, however.
  • They follow the trap door down, and explore the basements of the tower. They encounter some slimes in the corridors. They discover a couple of chests which appear to be magically and mundanely protected from intrusion in a closet. Simon manages to get them both open and they turn out to be a chest of holding with some letters and some magical items inside.
  • They discover a half-finished, abandoned ritual that Simon completes to summon a couple of lesser demons, which the party then dispatches.
  • They make their out of the basements onto the shores of a natural underground lake. A pile of slightly-magical rock indicates the remains of a recently destroyed golem. There is a hole in the roof of the cavern which matches up roughly with where they noticed the group of hobgoblins preparing a ritual, and signs that a boat had been hastily patched and taken from the shore.
  • The party searches the area, discovering a system of locks allowing boats passage from the lake to the ocean, and back again.
  • The party bundles itself into Archibald’s boat and sail eastward after (they hope) the hobgoblins.
  • The party finds some well-patched boats poorly hidden on the shore and make their way up the cliffs to confront the hobgoblins.
  • After a bit of internal miscommunication, Moonshine rushes the hobgoblins and starts a fight. The party handily defeats them all, ransacks their camp, and beats a hasty retreat when they hear something large crashing through the forest toward them
  • In the things taken from the hobgoblins, the party finds both the components that they need to free the witch, and also proof that the hobgoblins are Vecna worshippers, an unusual thing for a band of hobgoblins.
  • Archibald and Benedict decide to stick with the group to see through the freeing of the witch.



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