The Witch

The Dwarven Crown

  • The squad enters the city’s sewers to cross the walls into the Nobles’ Quarter.
  • The squad explores the sewers, finding them mostly empty. They come to a large, vertical shaft with a grating at the top. They estimate that they are under the Nobles’ Quarter at this point.
  • There is a rumbling, like something massive shaking at the bottom of the shaft.
  • The squad retreats and circles back, attempting to find a way up to the street. They eventually find a different tunnel leading to the shaft, this one with a ladder. The grating at the top of the ladder is locked, but they begin forcing the lock.
  • The rumbling gets louder, and a dragon climbs into the tunnel from the shaft. Its hide looks to be made of rock, and its presence causes massive tremors in the area. Kela identifies it as an earthquake dragon, a kind of elemental dragon with power over earth.
  • Kela attempts to reason with the dragon but it is thoroughly maddened with pain. Its mind is firmly in the grip of an aberrant magic.
  • The group fights the dragon just long enough to break the lock and escape the sewers. They make haste away from the shaft, and the dragon doesn’t seem interested in following them up to the street.
  • The party checks through a number of noble houses, notably one protected by a magic field. The group finds quite a bit of money and a magical hammer, untouched by the foulspawn thanks to the field.
  • The group hears a hobgoblin bugling in the distance, indicating that they have found the crown and giving coordinates for regrouping.
  • The squad travels quickly and reaches a palace where the hobgoblins are coming together.
  • Maelic makes a new friend in the group, another hobgoblin priest named Ethus. They bond over a shared appreciation of necromancy — a scholarly interest, of course.
  • The combined force makes its way into the palace and meets a group of foulspawn. The foulspawn do not seem to treat the group as a threat, instead inviting them into the main throne room of the palace.
  • Within the throne room, a robed figure reveals itself to be a mind flayer, and it has the crown. The group quickly asks for advice from the Witch and she advises them to get out of there as fast as possible.
  • The doors slam shut, trapping Maelic and Ethus within the throne room and the rest of the group outside. The foulspawn in the hall attack the force trapped outside.
  • In the throne room, the mind flayer has clearly placed some sort of compulsion on Thondry. Thondry swears allegiance to the mind flayer. The room, partly mind-controlled and partly not, erupts into chaos.
  • The fight outside is interrupted by a series of powerful shakes and rumbles, and the earthquake dragon from earlier bursts out of the floor. Kela approaches it again, non threateningly, and convinces it that the ones who caused it pain are behind the throne room doors.
  • The dragon throws itself against the doors, tearing them off their hinges and joining the chaos of the two fights together.
  • Seizing the opportunity, Benedict changes himself to look like Thondry, and strides into the throne room and grabs the crown. The mind flayer is confused but quickly sees through the deception.
  • The mind flayer is unable to act on its knowledge, as it is then attacked by the earthquake dragon.
  • The party runs.
  • Seeing no way for the group to escape, Jame halts, salutes Cilantro, and stands strong against the enemy to give them time to run. Cilantro wants to stand with him but Maelic convinces him otherwise.
  • The group runs until they are able to duck into an abandoned house undetected. They tell the Witch that they are returning, and teleport back to Amachey.
  • Norik the bugler, and Ethus the priest, escape with them, but Jame is lost. The Witch agrees to take on and find work for Norik, Ethus, and Calth.



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