The Witch

The Thieves of Sun City

  • The party explains that they arrived via a teleportation circle. The guards are disbelieving but summon a headmaster anyway.
  • Portello and Varsus arrive to investigate. They are taken to a sitting room.
  • Varsus recognizes Maelic immediately, but Simon keeps himself hidden and anonymous. While Portello speaks with the rest of the party, Varsus takes Maelic aside to talk with him.
  • Portello thanks the party copiously for thwarting the sahuagin’s invasion of the college, and as payment puts them and the pirates (that are still tagging along) up in a nearby inn.
  • The party checks into the inn, and formulates their plans.
  • The party splits up and travels about town, looking for information in their own ways.
  • Archibald becomes a tree and eaves drops in a common area in the city.
  • Benedict and Simon talk with people, getting information about the Thieves Guild. It seems that the Guild has been on alert because of Brigger’s presence, lending credibility to the rumors that he exists, and that he is in Sun City.
  • Moonshine investigates the regent’s palace, eavesdropping on some servants who are gossiping about the rumors that Brigger is in town.
  • Conrad spends time with the pirates, becoming friends in particular with Orryn.
  • Maelic meets with an old friend/mentor of his, a hedge-wizard named Hirram. Hirram says he will look into it, and asks Maelic to return later that evening for more information.
  • Through a new “friend”, Crow, Benedict meets with Vindicharm, who gets him job working for the Thieves Guild a few nights hence, to act as some muscle in an expected altercation with another gang.
  • The party reconvenes that evening, and head out to meet with Hirram.
  • When the party arrives at Hirram’s, they are met by a group of assassins from the Guild. Hirram attempts to turn the party over to them in exchange for his life, but he is killed instead during the ensuing battle. The party defeats the assassins.
  • As the party returns to their inn, they notice a shadowy figure watching their movements, but are unable to catch it.
  • Since the previous day was not terribly fruitful, the party decides to hire an investigator to help them get information around the city. Portello suggests a man that he has worked with in the past as a courier and investigator, named Rin.
  • Maelic and Benedict go to hire Rin, who they find living on a friend’s couch (Marissa). He seems happy to find some work.
  • They briefly explain that they are looking for the legendary thief Brigger. He seems surprised that they believe he exists, but he says he will contact people he knows and see what he can find out for them.
  • Rin arranges to meeting with them regularly so he can tell them what he’s found.
  • The party spends the next few days collecting not very much information, and decide to go ahead with taking on the job that Benedict found, in the hopes that they will get some more information from the Guild.
  • Benedict beings impersonating a man named Depectorth, with whom the Thieves Guild has had some sour dealings in the past, and is brought in to meet with Nobile. Benedict talks his way out of it and escapes.
  • Maelic, Simon, Benedict, and Archibald meet with the group working for the Thieves Guild. They are taken into the catacombs below the city.
  • As their first stop, the group is taken to a zoo or menagerie of strange creatures, including a shadowy horse (Brigger is rumoured to have a horse made of flames and shadow) and a young girl who is clearly sorcerous or psychic somehow.
  • The group feeds the various creatures, and some of them (non party members) do not survive the ordeal.
  • The group is then taken and stationed outside some sort of vault, and told to prepare to be attacked.
  • Conrad, Moonshine, and Rin take an altogether different route into the catacombs, Rin leading the way. They stealthily make their way in without encountering any resistance.
  • The group outside the vault is eventually attacked, and they fight a battle with the other gang.
  • Conrad, Moonshine, and Rin show up near the end of the battle and help to finish it off.
  • The party, reunited, decides to use the chaos of the attack, still ongoing, to break into the vault. They steal what they can, and leave an inch of sea water, a goat, and the words “BRIGGER WAS HERE” scrawled on the wall in blood.
  • The party fights their way to the menagerie. Rin is concerned about the young girl, and the party eventually decides to simply let loose all of the creatures to further the chaos.
  • Rin also appears to be familiar with the shadowy horse. He gives Maelic a figuring with which to control, dispel, and summon the horse.
  • The party confronts Rin, and asks him outright if he is, in fact, Brigger. Rin admits that he is, though his grandfather was responsible for most of the legends. He also explains that the young girl is, Kashla — Marissa’s daughter (but not his).
  • The party escapes the catacombs and heads back through the city to their inn. They invite Brigger to go along with them, and he agrees on the condition that Marissa and Kashla come as well.
  • They collect Marissa, as well as Hurn and her pirates and make for the Magical Academy to teleport away.
  • The party is caught by assassins at the gate of the Academy. They fight through them, and despite some bad injuries make it inside.
  • They make their way through the Academy, making it clear that the guards need to defend it from possible Thieves Guild attack, and make it to the teleportation circle and away before they can be questioned by any of the wizards at the Academy.



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