The Witch

To Castle's Cross

  • Several days pass, and the Witch lets the party know that she has gotten word from Taegwyn Valley. The foulspawn did not remain underground, but have spread out to the surface and have started raiding and pillaging through the valley.
  • There has been no specific word at all from Toreagn, but the Witch assumes that it has fallen, and gives Cilantro the dwarven crown that the party retrieved. She asks that Cilantro stay with her and help fortify against the dark things in the world, rather than throwing himself back into Toreagn and dying uselessly.
  • Benedict, intensely interested in how the hobgoblins came to worship Vecna, makes friends with Ethus and peppers him with questions about it.
  • Ethus eventually explains that an old human came to the tribes in the Fellwind Moors many years ago, and started the priesthood.
  • Most of the tribes have abandoned the traditional worship of Bane, instead following Vecna.
  • Ethus doesn’t know where the man has gone, though he left the tribes some time ago. He is fairly sure that the man was originally from the Castle’s Cross area.
  • After some downtime, the Witch asks the party what they want to do next. The news from Taegwyn Valley is not good, and she forbids the group from going there, but other than that she wants to know what they think would be best.
  • The party suggests that they travel to Castle’s Cross to investigate this man and the cult of Vecna. She agrees.
  • She sends Ethus and Norik with the party so that the party can keep an eye on them, and so that the two hobgoblins can learn more about what they do.
  • The party uses a teleportation circle to get to the Sun City Academy of Magic, and then books passage on river ship travelling up to Castle’s Cross.
  • The party spends as little time as possible in Sun City, to give the Thieves Guild a wide berth, but they do discover that the city is going into a sort of lock-down because of the Aberrant threat from Taegwyn.
  • The party travels up the river to Moonfall uneventfully.
  • Upon arrival, the group finds an inn and then begins their investigations.
  • Maelic attempts to meet with the leader of the arcane section of the Castle’s Cross contingent of the North Border Guards.
  • Maelic is informed that he is unable to meet with Commander Allamer, Castle’s Cross’ head magus, since he is away travelling the border. He instead meets with Lt. Commander Terris.
  • Terris tells Maelic that he is unaware of any cult activity within the city, however he does recall that there were some issues with some youth raiding a cemetary.
  • Maelic asks to speak with the youth, and Terris says that he will arrange for that the next day.
  • Cilantro seeks out the dwarven community in the northern quarter.
  • Cilantro finds a likely, well-populated inn and begins to attempt to recruit dwarves to his cause, proclaiming his right to the crown of Toreagn.
  • His attempts are laughed at, and he is told that the dwarves here have not considered themselves beholden to Toreagn for generations.
  • Cilantro learns that this dwarven community is led by a pair of brother priests, representing the duality of their deity — one for light and openness, one for darkness and secrecy.
  • An old dwarf takes pity on Cilantro and suggests that dwarves aren’t going to follow someone just because he waves around a bit of old jewellery.
  • The old dwarf suggests, instead, that he think about what he can do to prove his usefulness and his leadership.
  • The rest of the party goes to speak with the groundskeeper of the cemetery.
  • The crotchety old groundskeeper explains that recently there seems to be a rash of young people breaking into the cemetery.
  • He doesn’t think they’ve successfully stolen anything yet, but he’s glad that the guards have finally arrested someone for it.
  • The party leaves the cemetery, without new information.



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