General Setting Overview

The Empire of Boros

Boros was an enormous empire, spanning the majority of the continent on which it sat. It was destroyed a few generations ago in a war against some bizarre, abberant invaders known as the Lords of Madness. The Lords of Madness were sealed away thanks to the actions of a band of brave heroes, but Boros was left permanently shattered. The capital area, the shining jewel of Lowandra, the once-fertile lands twisted and ruined into a barren wasteland known now simply as The Wastes. The provinces within Boros have since reverted to defacto kingdoms and fiefdoms, and the spirit of cooperation between them has fallen by the wayside.

Boros was the first empire of its kind, in that rather than being a product of the supremacy of a single race or nation, it began its life as a collaboration between multiple smaller kingdoms. As such, it boasted members of all of the civilized races as its citizens. Some of the orphaned provinces now continue this practice.

South Province

South Province (the setting for this campaign) was (and technically still is) a province of Boros. Before becoming the South Province of Boros hundreds of years ago, the area was divided between a handful of small nations and kingdoms, notably the devout sun-worshipping human theocracy of the Sun City, the loose collection of elven nations known collectively as Archalea, and the dwarven kingdom of Toreagn. The province’s capital is in the Sun City.

General Setting Overview

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